The Community Foundation’s Response

Impact – together, with our nonprofit grant partners and the incredible support of our community, that’s what we have been able to do in the lives of Tennessee flood victims since May 2010.

To date, all of the flood relief contributions entrusted to The Community Foundation have been distributed or allocated to organizations addressing flood recovery throughout Tennessee. Thousands of people have been served; homes repaired and rebuilt; pieces of furniture provided; rental/mortgage assistance given; and more.

In Garth Brooks’ words:

“Trisha and I would like to thank the great city of Nashville, and the caring people of Tennessee for coming together to help the flood victims. We would also like to thank those outside the state who played a vital role in the beginning of the healing process. To help your own is expected, to help total strangers is unheard of. I love those little church signs. One of my favorites is, “Character is not created in crisis, it is revealed.” May I say the people of Tennessee revealed they have a great deal of character.”

Read more brief reflections on flood response from community leaders.

The Community Foundation is honored to play a role in helping restore our community and rebuild lives since the devastating floods of May 2010.

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